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"The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.  The  last is to say thank you.  In between the two, the leader must

become a servant."  

 - Max De Pree, CEO, Herman Miller 

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Management Meeting



Organizations so often tend to promote ROCKSTAR individual contributors only to leave them to figure out how to lead people  -- ALONE...

Our Budding Leaders Management Training Program targets the first-time manager or managers early in their careers.  We teach young leaders emotional intelligence strategies for people management that can guide your workforce to high performance and long-term success.

Blue Raven Training guides Struggling and transitioning Leaders  

Our program targets seasoned leaders who may be struggling to succeed.  Whether these leaders are struggling due to a change or transition in their role, team, organization, or performance - self-awareness and management techniques can help your leader guide your workforce to high performance and success.

At Blue Raven Training, we develop LEADERS who manage and guide employees to high performance with little drama or mess.

First-Time Manager Leadership Training Program

Specifically aimed at new managers and managers early in their careers.

The Budding Leaders Management Training Program

Specifically aimed at emerging leaders in the cannabis industry.

Transitioning Manager Program

Aimed at more seasoned leaders struggling in their roles

- OR - 

Transitioning their role, their team, or their organization.

Team Training Programs

You're Fired Workshop

Termination Training Workshop for New Managers - Do your managers know how to legally and compassionately prepare, document, and conduct a termination meeting?  This workshop will train new managers on best practices, employment law, and risk management for the toughest of employee meetings.

Colors of Personality Workshop

Personality tests and group learning are the focus of this team building workshop.  Participants learn about their own personality and work style, as well as those on their teams and in their lives with approaches to motivate, coach, and elevate each personality type to an individual's fullest potential.

Golf Bag Leadership Workshop 

Daniel Goleman's 6 styles of leadership are explored and rehearsed for each and every situation a manager may face, leaving each manager with a golf bag of styles to bring to team.

Custom Workshops

Built to meet your current business conditions or personnel issues, we can design the perfect workshop for your team.  Whether it be a team building focus, a communication development focus, or a conflict management exercise, Blue Raven Training can design the best workshop to fit your current problems and projects.

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