Sometimes HR isn't your primary focus...

Road sign to HR

Blue Raven Training's Insider Human Resources experience and certification can help your business conquer employee risk management, engagement and culture, and leadership - once and for all.

Specializing in helping businesses working to reach 10 - 300 employees and are presently

in their emerging or growth stages.  


My experience as an HR leader in the emerging and

highly regulated cannabis industry lends me to be uniquely qualified to help with the

full-cycle of HR needs:



  • new license holders

  • current license holders worried about losing top talent to out-of-state businesses

  • business looking to add more leadership potential and depth to their organization


Mission, Vision, Values Development

Great for emerging businesses, but also those that may need a refresh.  Are your mission, vision, and values supporting your workforce?


Values in Operation

Sure, we all have a values statement, but we really using it?  Use your values to support your workforce in culture, decision making, and high performance.  We work to define what it really means to work and succeed in your organization.


Talent Management & Acquisition

From Talent Acquisition and Hiring to Onboarding, Employee Relations and Development, Succession Planning and Potential, and Performance Management, all the way to Termination.  We handle the full-employee life-cycle and any HR needs your organization might have.


Civility and Harassment Training

Off the shelf or customized programs that help your workforce not only stay out of legal trouble, but become more civil and higher performing.


Policy and Handbook Development

Policy writing is tricky, especially in today's legal climate.  Get help from certified HR expertise while writing any new policies or your employee handbook.  A well-written policy is often what stands between you and success in a lawsuits. Is your workforce ready?


Talent Alignment

Has your organization seen turnover or structural changes in the recent past that are leaving moral and performance at a low?  Talent Alignment provides a "look-under-the-hood" at your human capital systems and make recommendations for improvement.


Scalable HR and workforce growth strategy

Are you growing and hiring new team members fast than you can handle?  Let certified HR expertise help you manage growth in a sustainable and scalable way.  Whether you are adding your first employees or growing past a critical mass, we can help you stay on top of your HR systems.