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The Budding Leaders Management Training Program: Service

The First-Time Manager Leadership Development Program

So often, organizations promote a ROCKSTAR employee - usually an individual contributor - to a management position with little training or support and they wonder why their managers fail and why turnover is so high.  New managers especially must work to gain

the trust and buy-in of their new teams, but so many don't know how to do this.


Recent trending business authors have shown us that TRUST is not a matter

of shared opinions, but instead a biological reaction.  Understanding the

biology and science behind human emotion, trust, and behavior and will help

new managers and leaders understand the toughest aspect of management

- the People. 


The Harvard Business Review and other publications have studied the effects

of EQ on our workplaces and have found a strong link between empathetic leaders and financial performance. 

Daniel Goleman, The Father of Emotional Intelligence

Why it matters >

daniel goleman.jpg

"My research, along with other recent studies, clearly shows that emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership.

Without it, a person can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas,

but he still won’t make a great leader."


- Daniel Goleman, the father of emotional intelligence, Harvard Business Review

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Program Options:


12-week Immersive Training Program

Our most robust program option for the manager looking to develop leadership skills and put them into practice in real-time while gaining feedback and support from the program cohort group along the way.

Time Commitment = ~10/week both in classroom and studying on your own, for 12-full weeks = 120 hours of training.


Block Session Training Program

Tight on time?  Want to mix and match your schedule?  You can achieve the Budding Leader Program Certificate by completing sessions and assignments in 3-modules with 5-short sessions each that can be arranged to fit your schedule.  You can mix and match the 3-modules and can complete the certificate at your own pace.  You can complete your certification in a little as 4-weeks or as long as 6-months.

Time Commitment = ~5 hours/module + 10 hours study/assignment time alone = ~25 hours of training.


Custom Designed Training Program

Do you want to send multiple managers?  Do you want this training to come to your offices/facilities?  We can custom design the program that fits your business conditions perfectly.


1:1 Training and Coaching

Busy?  Not sure you can get your company to cover the cost of your training?  We offer custom, one-on-one programs to individuals wishing to learn at their own pace.  Contact us today to learn more about schedules and scholarship opportunities.

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What you Get with program registration:

up to 120 hours of Leadership Training

Depending on the program option right for you, you will receive the equivalent of 120-hours of training in as little as 4-weeks.

5 Trending Leadership books

Receive 5 Leadership Books currently trending in business circles when you enroll in all three modules or the 12-week program.

3-5 Assessments

Receive multiple personality, team, skill, and workstyle assessments with registration to any module or program.

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