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About Blue Raven Training

Blue Raven Training, LLC was founded to lead a Leadership Revolution. 




With the intent to solve the HR headaches that are inevitable with a young and inexperienced workforce, Blue Raven Training subscribes to empathy-based, whole-hearted, servant leadership taught through Emotional Intelligence, Social Adaptability, and Tactical Leadership and management strategies.

Firmly rooted in the teachings of Simon Sinek, Paul Zak, John C. Maxwell, Brene Brown, and other authors/researchers and leaders who strive for holistic leadership, the Blue Raven Training mission is to improve management and leadership for the next generation entering the workforce.

Our Mission

Our Values


Truth & Knowledge

Always seeking the right answer, the whole truth, and always seeking knowledge.

Growth & Learning

Continuous personal and professional growth.  A passion for learning and teaching.

Service & Excellence

Serving others.  Volunteering to help.  Doing what you can with what you have. Uncompromising demand of the BEST.  Never settling for mediocre.

Independence & Agency

The ability to go your own way and be your own person.  Cultivating self over should.  Ownership and accountability.

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Sara (Dennis) Howard, SPHR

Founder, HR and Leadership Consultant, Speaker

Sara Howard is a certified senior HR professional with 10+ years of experience coming from Energy, Media, and Hospitality before entering the Cannabis industry in 2015.  Realizing that many HR headaches are originate from inexperienced managers, Sara created Blue Raven Training, LLC to offer HR and Leadership Management consulting services tailored to First Time Managers.  


Sara leads passionately and believes that HR is not simply employed to organize the humans in the business, but to be a compassionate resource to those humans working for the business. Subscribing whole-heartedly to Simon Sinek's influence, Sara believes that when it matters most, "Leaders choose to eat last."  

Specializing in leadership and manager training/development for businesses working to reach 100-300 employees and are presently in their growth stages. These businesses traditionally have 0-3 HR or Administrative professionals overseeing employee and human resources activities. 

Sara's insider experience as an HR leader in the rising cannabis industry lends her to be uniquely qualified to help new license holders, current license holders worried about losing top talent to out-of-state businesses, and any business looking to add more leadership potential and depth to their organization. 

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